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Elements are present around us, everywhere, in different forms with different uses and abilities. We use them in any shape, form, product available to make our lives more efficient! But how does that even work? How do elements like Bromine are available for us to use THAT easily?

Bromine is a chemical element which is fuming red liquid at room temperature and its properties are intermediate between those of chlorine and iodine. Bromine in its element is very reactive and thus it is not found in the free state. It is present in colourless salts but due to its high solubility or high affinity to mix in water, it is mostly found in seawater.

Bromine is widely used in the Agro Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals and fire retardants Products. It is also used in some of the special industrial applications such as Water treatment, Dyes, Chemical of photography, Oil Wells drilling fluids etc.

Where is Bromine used?

Bromine Market - Volume (%), By Application - Global 2019

Source: Mordor Intelligence

Bromine biologically is present in almost every living thing in very small amounts, even though there is no biological use that is known in humans. Bromine is a toxic element and has an irritating effect on the skin. Bromine is not exactly a friendly element, but still is a very useful one!

Bromine is generally used in controlling the pest, making the water taste better, dyestuffs, pharmaceuticals, flame retardants and many more uses.

Bromine for Flame Retardants

The most important use of Bromine today is in making flame retardant materials. We all work with fire, industries use flammable objects so often, that it is necessary for a product to not let them just get ruined in flames!

Many materials used in making clothing, carpets, curtains, and drapes are flammable, and if a flame touches them, they burn very quickly. Bromine, steps in here to save these materials from bursting into flames! Chemists all around have learned how to make materials that we use daily resistant to fires by soaking them in a Bromine compound. Bromine is an integral part of the compound and this compound coats the fibres of the material. The Bromine compound can also be chemically combined into the material.

The Bromine compounds used in flame retardants are often very complex and complicated to use. One such compound is called tris (dibromo propyl) phosphate ((Br2C3H5O)3PO).

This compound- tris, is of great use, but is found to be very toxic and also a carcinogenic (cancer-causing substance and thus, its use is restricted heavily.

Bromine used in Drilling wells

Bromine is also used in drilling wells. About 20 per cent of the Bromine is used in these wells. Bromine combines with calcium, sodium and zinc to form Calcium bromide (CaBr 2 ), sodium bromide (NaBr), or zinc bromide (ZnBr 2 ) and these same compounds are added to the well to increase the efficiency of the drilling process. Thus, Bromine makes the drilling process very efficient.

Bromine for Pesticide Manufacturing

Pesticides are imported for pest control and Bromine is very important in their manufacture, the chemicals that are used to kill pests. Methyl bromide (CH 3 Br) has been used for years to treat croplands. The same compound is sprayed on the surface or it can be directly injected into the ground for better results.

Some methyl bromide always evaporates into the air where it damages the ozone layer. This is where the toxic behaviour of Bromine is visible. UV radiation causes skin cancer, sunburn, and damage to plants and fragile organisms and is dangerous to a lot of biological lives.

Bromine for petroleum modification

Ethylene dibromide (C 2 H 4 Br 2 ) is a bromide compound added to leaded gasoline. The lead-in "leaded gasoline" is tetraethyl lead (Pb(C 2 H 5 )) 4 ). This tetraethyl lead helps in the burning of fuel and also helps in keeping the car engines from knocking which is one of the sounds we hear that is repetitive metallic banging sound when there are ignition problems. "Knocking" reduces the efficiency of a car engine and Bromine again makes it efficient for a car to run smoothly.

Ethylene dibromide is added to react with free lead and convert it to a safe compound since free lead is a very toxic and highly dangerous biologically and here, Bromine in a compound saves the day by making it less toxic and easy to use.

Ethylene dibromide does not completely solve the problem because still some of the free lead escapes into the atmosphere

Bromine for water treatment as chlorine replacement

Bromine has one more very popular use- in the water! How? Even though the most popular element for purifying public water supplies and swimming pools is chlorine, Bromine compounds now have become more popular for their superior bacteria-killing power.

This very versatile element is also used in sanitizers for the very same reason- its power to kill bacteria.

Bromine for photographic film

It is also useful in photography! To produce the photography film, bromide ions from potassium bromide to form silver bromide, Bromine is THE element in use.

One very astonishing fact about Bromine is that it is one of the ONLY two elements that are liquid in the state!

Bromine is THE element which makes our water taste better, killing those annoying pests and those invisible bacteria that can potentially hurt us and also keep our swimming pools lovely as ever!

We strive to bring this beast ( a little demonic) of an element to you by extracting it from the lowest of the water levels, in the best way possible!

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