Affordable Christian Dior

After the introduction of the Christian Dior Outlet, there is now the Dior 2st Tote Bag from the Fall Winter 2018 Collection. The Tote Bag looks like a milder version because the Flap Bag features a bold 3D CD lock. But it’s not entirely true.

The 3D CD lock is actually crafted on the inside instead of the outside. However, if it was built on the exterior, the bag would look much more amazing, don’t you think?

The 21st Tote Bag is made with beautiful squared-shape. The top features a nice long curvy handle and the bag feels feminine and glamorous.

Christian Dior Outlet

Because of the classic shade and the minimalistic style, the bag can be used on special occasions but more importantly – everyday. Tote it from work to diners. Or sling it on the shoulder for easy carrying.

The lambskin might feel disappointing because it’s known for being fragile. But lambskin can also be created in such a way that’s durable yet smooth. Before judging the leather, test the bag at the boutique first for the experience.

Refined with aged gold hardware, the shoulder strap is wide, solid and can be adjusted or detached.

What I love about the 21st Line is the CD Lock. The CD lock stands for Christian Dior and it’s embellished on the top. Click the CD lock open to get into the interior. There is a zip pocket and an open compartment inside. The leather feels very strong and helps the bag hold shape.

But there is more. The exterior comes with an instant accessible pocket as well. So basically, this bag is also practical for daily use